Essential Oils

Have you ever wanted to make your own fragrance? Here at level up we put willing kids to the task only using their noses! 

Thirteen different fragrances were not labeled by scents but by numbers. The bottles were given to the students to create their own shampoo or body wash scent. The scents ranged from all types of herbs, plants, and citruses. We gave the students pages to record what their thoughts of each numbered bottle was. 

This was a fun way to test one of the five senses; smell. The kids had a fun time entertaining each other by insisting they must smell the worst and the best numbered bottles. At the end, there were pages of hilarious explanations of scents that we read out loud together!

With all the leftover oils, we created a pair of “house blends”, one for focus and one for calming. 

If you want to make your own blends, I suggest the oils by Now Foods. They are pretty easy to find at natural foods stores and they are a good balance between quality and price.
https://amzn.to/2CPBaw4 is a good set for blending your own scents while https://amzn.to/2WxsDXF is a little more hands off and easy.

A caveat: avoid oils by MLM companies like Young Living and doTerra. Its not that they are bad oils per se, its just that in these sales schemes the profit has to come from somewhere. Its either through the diluted returns through the whole chain of sales reps, or through the inflated hopes of their downstream sellers. 

I also bought a pair of diffusers to spread the scent through the classrooom. This does double duty in our enclosed space. The obvious use is to spread the scent through the classrooom without having to use a heat source (like a candle diffuser or lightbulb diffuser). The second benefit is to help neutralize the funk the kids bring in after being bundled up in the rain all day. https://amzn.to/2CSFAT8