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Dogs at Level Up

Two dogs, Toki Doki and Daisy, have left their paw prints on our academy. Whether school is in session or the summer sun is blazing the days away, these puppies are making sure all of us our stress free. Daisy and Toki play, walk, and receive pets as their job. Though they do not have any certification, this doesn’t mean that they are not good at it!  There are multiple benefits for having dogs in the work and play space.

During work, they keep things less stressful by being in the proximity. It helps kids to know that a dog is there. Our tiny dog, Daisy, will jump onto then snuggle in the laps of the students. Toki is a much bigger dog so she unfortunately cannot fit into laps very easily with such tiny chairs. She makes do by nustling her head in laps instead. Petting dogs increases certain stress-reducing hormones that battle out the hormones that create the toxic feeling of pressure.

When we have our free time, the kids may play videogames on our computers though. Activities that are offered are not limited to but include painting, drawing, board games, and card games. You may wonder how dogs can help with playtime when we have so many things to do already! Kids have chosen to play with the dogs and a tennis ball over these options. They have chosen video games over playing with a ball though. The dogs here do not get offended but instead rests near them as they play. It makes the students a little less rowdy when they have dogs resting close by.