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Breakfast Sandwiches

Who has the time in the morning to sit down and make the nutritional breakfast that all doctors recommend? OK, maybe about 3 out of 10 people. Level Up Academy has the remaining 7’s backs! Learn how to prep breakfast sandwiches that will take 5 minutes MAX. All you need is: a plate, cup, spoon, 1-2 eggs, sliced cheese of any preference, microwavable sausage of any preference, biscuits, as well as a microwave.

Crack your eggs into the cup then take the spoon and stir until the yolk is mixed evenly.  Then, nuke ‘em! Microwaving the egg will take about 1-2 minutes while cooking them in 30 second intervals.  

While your eggs are cookin’, grab the knife and get to sawing that biscuit in half. This will be the bread to your sandwich. Throw down the breakfast sausage and then cheese. You are your own chef so decorate how you see fit to your own taste by adding some crunchy, delicious chips, maybe?

Once the eggs are cooked and puffy, put the egg on the biscuit. It’s almost done! You have two options before finishing the product: save for later or eat it now. You can save it by packaging the sandwich in aluminum foil, a freezer bag, or whatever you think is best. To eat it at that minute, All you need to do is put it in a microwave until heated.