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Water Balloon Fight

On hot summer days, we all need something to refresh us. A refresher can be a tall glass of water for some but here at Level Up Academy we like to revitalize by chucking balloons filled with cold water at our peers.
There is a butt load of water balloon prepping. Filling, twisting, tying, and repeat. It helped that we had a lot of hands to do their part. We tied so much that it was too heavy to carry.
Our balloon fights also include important team objectives: keep your discs safe and take the other team’s. A lot of skill and strategy were discussed and used within our righteous battles. After every battle there was an individual challenge to collect the most popped balloon pieces- those Taki’s were tasty!
Even with all this tension between teams and individuals, we can all sit down when the day is done and enjoy some energizing snacks as a group.