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Field Days

We wouldn’t want students cooped up inside all day but with video games here in the comfort of AC blasting against the heat, it’s sorta difficult to get them outside. Field days are a great way to allow the kids to be active without being in front of a tv or monitor. You can play several games outside with the many trails that we are in walking distances to. Popular sports and games that are played on fields and or trails are, but not limited to: frisbee, disc golf, capture the flag, Pokemon Go hunting, and water fights.

A majority of these activities do not have anything to prep for other than a walk which makes them easier yet still enjoyable. We are lucky enough to be about 10-15 minutes away from a beautiful disc golf course and two parks. Frisbee and disc golf only need a prior purchase of frisbees. Once you have the frisbees, you are ready to walk over then play! Pokemon Go hunting doesn’t have much of a prep. The biggest thing you need is a fully charged device compatible with the app. Some desire to bring portable chargers but they are not necessary, just helpful for a long term hunt.

Our other two games listed require set up as soon as you get to the park. The physical set up is as simple as setting invisible boundaries and placing flags/bases in self-assigned areas for Capture the Flag and Water Fights. Now, make some ground rules that hopefully keep things as civil as possible. Water fights need more prior arrangement than most field games though. There are multiple ways you can go about water fights but we use water balloons. Water balloons are fun but there is hard labor before you can enjoy it. Filling and tying them off is a big chore but large parties make it easier! When you have enough, we find it easier to drive them rather than carry to the park. The biggest thing to remember on field days is to stay hydrated!